Built to Last


Built to Last

“Our Log Cabins are built to last!” We asked one of our lovely clients to tell us about her cabin 3 years on since moving in. Here is what she had to say...

  • How long have you been living in your log cabin? Just over 3 years

  • What is unique about the Cabins that Tim and his team create? That you can choose design and size of cabin

  • What is it like living in your log cabin? For us personally, we wanted a large kitchen and dining we have a large family..So the cabin is warm and comfortable...

  • How easy was it for the building to be located on site and the final stages put together? It only took a day to deliver and build the Cabin... then a week to connect all services, carpet and wood flooring etc.... so happy with our finished home.

  • Anything further you would like to add? After 3 years nothing has changed, Happy with the quality of our home!!